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Sedgeview Permit Application

Every pilot must purchase their own Sedgeview permit, which can only be purchased online through this facility.

Your permit will be emailed to the address you provide during the purchasing process. Please have this available or saved on your mobile device – the QR code (included on the permit) may be scanned upon request to provide Proof of Permit Purchase.


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Site Specific Rules

  • A Sedgeview-specific permit is required to fly from Sedgeview. See: Permits.
  • A valid SAHPA Pilot's Licence is a prerequisite to fly at Sedgeview. Visiting pilots must obtain a temporary SAHPA Pilot's Licence.(no valid SAHPA licence = no valid Sedgeview permit)

  • No Fly Zone: A no fly zone to the west of the launch site is clearly indicated by a orange marker on the ground. No flying is permitted to the west of this marker – see map for further clarification, or ask a local senior/commercial pilot. The ONLY exception is during northerly approach to the Bottom Landing, and then only at altitudes well below the ridge-line.

  • Privacy Zone: Pilots are permitted to fly as far towards the East as is safely possible. HOWEVER, please respect the privacy of the landowner to the east of the launch site, by avoiding the “150m privacy bubble” around the house– see map for further clarification, or ask a local senior/commercial pilot.

Permit Costs

Please note that the Annual Permits are valid for 12 months, but coincide with the local “flying season” which begins 1 September of each year and ends at the end of August the following year. The annual permit is more applicable to a local or near-regional pilot who may fly at the site many times and throughout the year. The 90 permit is applicable largely to pilots visiting the area, international or South African tourists who are in the area only for a few weeks perhaps.

  • 90 Day Permit - (from date of purchase)
    Private Pilot SAHPA Registration Required
  • Annual Permit - (01/09/2022 to 31/08/2023)
    Private Pilot SAHPA Registration Required
  • Instructor & Pilot - (01/09/2022 to 31/08/2023)
    Private Pilot & Instruction Only SAHPA Registration Required
  • Commercial Operator - (01/09/2022 to 31/08/2023)
    Commercial, Tandem and Training Operators SAHPA Registration Required


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