Flight Map

Flight Map

Please pay careful attention to the flight map and adhere to safety and permit regulations at all times.

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Flight Map


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Garden Route

Garden Route

Sedgeview is located in the garden route of South Africa which extends from Mosselbay to Storms River.

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Take note of Sedgeview's general Rules/Warnings and Permit requirements.

Site Specific Rules

  • A Sedgeview-specific permit is required to fly from Sedgeview. See: Permits.
  • A valid SAHPA Pilot's Licence is a prerequisite to fly at Sedgeview. Visiting pilots must obtain a temporary SAHPA Pilot's Licence. (no valid SAHPA licence = no valid Sedgeview permit)

  • No Fly Zone: A no fly zone to the west of the launch site is clearly indicated by a orange marker on the ground. No flying is permitted to the west of this marker – see map for further clarification, or ask a local senior/commercial pilot. The ONLY exception is during northerly approach to the Bottom Landing, and then only at altitudes well below the ridge-line.

  • Privacy Zone: Pilots are permitted to fly as far towards the East as is safely possible. HOWEVER, please respect the privacy of the landowner to the east of the launch site, by avoiding the “150m privacy bubble” around the house – see map for further clarification, or ask a local senior/commercial pilot.

Pilot/Flight Guide

  • If flying at Sedgeview for the first time, please chat to some of the local pilots for general site briefing or further information – they’re generally a friendly bunch !
  • Site grading: Student/Basic.
  • Avoid flying low over the trees (rotor and turbulence)
  • Top landing: Beware of approaching from too far back and getting into "sink".
  • No ACRO flying is permitted in front of, or above, the take-off/landing area.
  • In the case of over-crowded air-space, the most senior local pilot (as agreed by Eden Flyers Club committee members) will act as safety officer and may halt further launching until safe. In such case, the safety officer has complete authority and any instruction given by him/her must be fully complied with at all times.

Commercial Plantation

Some of the trees on properties surrounding the Sedgeview site are commercially harvested and damage to such trees is to be avoided. Should a pilot and his wing become entangled in a tree/trees, please immediately report the incident to Site Management (072 5060 951 / 082 298 3554) or failing this, a local senior/commercial pilot who will inform the relevant landowners and obtain consent for access to relevant property, as well as any action that may result in damage to trees or property in an attempt to extract the wing. Under guidance of Site Management or the local senior/commercial pilot, the pilot should be safely extracted as priority. Should the subsequent retrieval of the wing involve access to private property or damage to any trees, this should only be done upon prior consent of firstly, Site Management or secondly, the local senior/commercial pilot.

Note that: Any life-threatening situation takes precedence – in a case whereby the pilot’s life may be in danger, whatever needs to be done to extract the pilot from the situation safely, takes precedence. A “local” ER24 paramedic may also be available (if not on duty) – the emergency number is 072 5060 951.


  • GPS Coordinates (degrees): S34 00 21 / E22 47 39
  • Hight A.S.L. - 130meters
  • Max Hight A.S.L. - 457meters / 1500feet


  • Safe wind directions: SSE - SSW.
  • Safe maximum wind-speed for take-off: +/-22KPH
  • Be continuously aware of changing wind direction and strength. Keep an eye on the windsocks at Turkey and the Bowling Club.
  • Extreme danger when wind direction turns side-on (East or West). If this occurs: expect turbulence from trees, and land at the bottom rather than attempting a top-landing.
  • Never fly in a prevailing northerly wind, even if the wind appears to be coming up the face of the ridge - extremely dangerous.

Bottom Landing (Turkey)

  • Please respect the privacy of the kind land owner.
  • Land to the west, near the Engine Garage (petrol station), only.
  • Do NOT land or walk anywhere near the farm house situated below takeoff.
  • Do NOT use the eastern farm-gate.
  • No motor vehicles are permitted to enter the farm - pilots must walk out.
  • Any pilot who tresspasses near the farmhouse or is associated with a vehicle that is driven onto the farm, will have his/her Sedgeview permit revoked and will be barred from using the Sedgeview site.


Always adhere to our general rules and regulations. Failure to do so might lead to cancellation of permits. Right of admission is reserved.

Smoking Regulations

  • Any person failing to adhere to this rule is in violation of the rules and regulations of this site and will be required to leave the property immediately.


  • Parking behind the boom is reserved for valid commercial permit holders only.
  • No unauthorised motor vehicles allowed on the launching/landing area.
  • Turkey - bottom landing: Stricktly no vehicles allowed onto the farm - pilots must walk out. (Any pilot associated with a tresspassing vehicle, will have his/her Sedgeview permit revoked and will be barred from using the Sedgeview site.
  • Drive carefully and maintain a reasonable speed. Note the 20km/h speed limit in front of the house to the east of the launch (for dust reduction).

Some More Rules

  • No littering. That said, please help us pick up litter.
  • No camping or overnighting. (applies to Sedgeview and all surrounding land)
  • Spectators must remain clear of the launching/landing area during active pilot activity.
  • The launch site and all the surrounding land is privately owned – please be generally courteous.


  • Poop must be removed from the Sedgeview site (including parking area and access roads.
  • No dogs are permitted within the fenced launching/landing area.
  • If there is any pilot activity / equipment on site, then dogs must be leashed. (damage to equipment can be extremely costly)

Fire-hazardous Vegetation

  • No fires, no open flames etc.
  • No fireworks, no Chinese lanterns etc.

Pilot Rules

  • Additional pilot-specific rules and warnings apply. See: Pilot Briefing.


Liability Waiver

Liability Wavier

  • Sedgeview, and all surrounding land, is privately owned.
  • Access to Sedgeview, and the use of it's facilities, is entirely at your own risk. (Neither the owner, nor Sedgeview management, will be held liable for any injury, death, damage of property and/or loss of property)
  • Right of access reserved.
  • Sedgeview management reserves the right to refuse to issue, or to revoke, any permit, without providing any reason or explanation for doing so.
Security Warning

Security Warning

  • This is South Africa; criminals can strike anywhere. Be reasonably cautious and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Please lock your parked vehicles.
  • Do not leave valuable items unattended.
  • Keep in mind: Criminals are less likely to target larger groups than isolated individuals.


National Emergency Numbers

  • Emergency Call Centre - from your mobile phone: 112
  • Government Ambulance Service: 10177
  • Police Emergency Call Centre: 10111

Local Emergency Numbers

  • Sedgefield Fire Station: 044 349 2900
  • Sedgefield Police Station: 044 343 1321
  • Sea Rescue: 082 990 5955
  • ER24: 083 320 1199

Other Contacts

  • Sedgefield Tourism: 044 343 2658 or 044 343 2007
  • Management Email:
  • Sedgeview Site Management - Emergencies: 072 5060 951 or 082 298 3554

Medical Emergencies